Why you shouldn’t be afraid to switch teams

At TransferWise we always aim for the best for our customers. To achieve world class results, good looks are not enough—you have to be the best from the inside out. That is the reason we are constantly looking to improve how we work, think, act, and treat our fellow revolutionaries.

It’s exciting to be a part of a revolution! Tens of people join TransferWise every month to help make the world a fairer place. We have witnessed something powerful in an ever-changing environment through the inflow of new people, different cultures and the growth of the business. Our atmosphere is one of freedom and the will to learn. The arrogance of grumpy old timers who say “we have always done stuff this way, do not come here to teach me,” is nowhere to be found. Everyone here is open, wants to learn from the best and be the best, and share the best they have.

But how do you keep that awesome fresh mentality going month to month? Change creates endless opportunities, but even for us it’s sometimes hard to cope with a constantly moving environment. Humans are slaves of habit and comfort and it is really easy to lose that freshness and become overly comfortable in what you do, becoming that old-timer. When you first begin, you are excited to figure out a problem and dive into it but after a while as you learn more about the specifics get comfortable with the internal processes and become more confident, that anticipation wanes.

This could possibly be a snake in the grass. By focusing only at one set of problems, you will hit diminishing return one day, and your excitement will dissipate. So at this moment are you able to take a step back, raise your head and look around to see if you have hit that place?

I have a solution for you.

How about adding extra spice to your life by changing your team today?

How does it sound? Scary? Hard? Facing the unknown? Not the right time?
Well don’t worry! Just hear me out.

We have many areas, themes, and teams at TransferWise. Just go and pick your favorite. Changing teams creates a bit of discomfort and is never easy, but it has some #hiddenbutawesome side effects. You will be rejuvenated, ready to move and prove yourself.

I have done it more than once. I have been with TransferWise for 3 years and worked in several different teams and themes. The spiciness was always at its fullest. It’s usually been an organic yet conscious decision, never an easy one but incredibly rewarding.

This is what I have learnt:

  • You will learn a lot, in every way. It is somewhat like living abroad → most importantly you will learn a lot about yourself.
  • You will be excited and want to go that extra mile to make things happen—seeing that everyone’s effort matters you will feel empowered.
  • You will be forced into unknown situations, working with different people from different areas. Your eyes will be opened to many new possible approaches to create solutions, effectively increasing your personal growth.
  • You will find new friends and make new connections. You will have loads of fun and will be surprised and humbled with how many people are hidden gems around you.
  • It will remove the possibility of the “I know it all” mindset — you’ll realize that there is so much more to learn and how valuable communicating well truly is.
  • Your comfort zone will have new boundaries.
  • The ultimate good thing is that with these moves you will create a healthy environment – others who see you moving around will be more willing to mimic that. Therefore, people around you are less worried about their “position” and are open to solve real problems without it becoming customer>team>ego.

What do you think? Let’s step out of our comfort zone and explore new opportunities and add some spice into our lives!