Where’s The Force in the Revolution?

It was almost eight moons ago when Obi-Wan first noticed the unusually high midichlorian levels in my blood and decided to give me a chance to join the International Money Transfer Revolution. He, together with Master Yoda, have trained me well, to harness the raw energy of 'The Force' so that I could use my powers to bring good to the Ewoks of the world, suffering the hidden charges of the Financial Services Empire. But what exactly is 'The Force' behind the Revolution?


As I’m gliding through the vibrant corners of our Tallinnoine office, foreign-sounding phrases such as “retention, conversion and contribution” are reaching my ears, making me think of numbers as a powerful way of driving the Revolution. By using figures, percentages, and charts to support an argument instead of a loud voice or rude language, the Jedi Council slashes the blind and ignorant dwellers with data, as they might with a lightsaber. Extracting emotions from the equation allows the Council to see the truth, no matter how beautiful or ugly it may seem, and make smart decisions about which solar system to enlighten next.


As the Millennium Falcon wooshes by our planet, we have managed to complete another lap around our Sun. To celebrate this wonderfully regular occasion, the revolutionary tribes are summarising their lessons from their past deeds into holographic papers in order to make ever wiser decisions as to the direction on which to focus on next. Their growing thirst to understand more about the Ewoks, the different Galaxies and the Death Star, instead of ignorantly trusting the gut feelings of fear, has proven in the past to be a valuable approach to maximising the tribe’s potential to guide the Revolution where it is most needed.


Ultimately, using the aforementioned numbers and lessons, the Council wants to understand one thing – how can they help bring Ewoks and other suffering parties to the Light Side? It would be unbelievably easy to brainwash a few of them in a “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” way, but it is not the right thing to do. Trusting Ewoks, understanding them and finally adapting to their real needs, every single time, is the only sustainable way to ensure an everlasting means of bringing fairness to exchanging the Galactic Credit Standard. It takes time, but it is well worth it.

The Force

So which one of the above is The Force behind the Revolution – counting numbers, reflecting on lessons or understanding our customers? It turns out, none of the above. The real Force is the 'oomph' that gives us a kick in the morning when we wake up with the rising sun. It is already present within everyone and it’s the driving factor behind every creation created, every thought thought, every word said. Even you, my dear reader, have access to The Force!

So what makes our Revolution so special then? On an individual level, you could potentially detect an off-the-charts midichlorian level in every individual, but that alone is not enough to shift the foundations of intergalactic finance. The real strength is in the collective oomph that is assembled when all of the radiation from every single member of the Council is gathered together and starts resonating. That amplified Force is they key behind every powerful change in our universe.

Why do numbers, lessons and customers matter then if everyone already possesses The Force? It is because these are the core factors that guide our every decision, focussing the strength of The Force into the Light Side, of doing the right thing. It is unbelievably easy to use oily language to justify one’s point or to tilt the judgement of the whole Council towards making decisions that forget our past lessons or most importantly – our precious Ewoks – for the sake of earning an extra Decicredits.

These guiding factors are the inner voice of Yoda’s wisdom that constantly remind us why we’re in the Revolution in the first place and how we can guide The Force to do the right thing. One day, the Prophecy of Fairness shall be fulfilled and balance will be restored to the Financial Services Empire. Until then, we shall keep fuelling the Revolution with oomph.

May The Force Be With You.
Happy Holidays