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DDT - Developer Driven Testing

There are no testers at TransferWise. Not a single-one. This deliberate choice has been made already a long time ago and I believe it's a key element of our engineering culture: Engineers own the quality of the product. You could actually say we have a lot of Quality Engineers (QE)

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Your value is not in your title

In a job, often, you pick two out of those three things: Interesting and challenging work Competitive compensation (like salary and various perks) Fancy job titles The fancy job title is a nice way to compensate for deficiencies in the other areas, especially in the "interesting work" one.

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Every engineer is a product person

Previously Nilan explained how TransferWise teams are autonomous and trusted. This has some profound effects on what it means to be an engineer here. One of those is there is no real engineer / product manager difference, every engineer is a product person. It’s probably the main characteristic of our

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