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Pull Requests that make code reviewers smile

Pull Requests (PR) are central to most software development organisations these days. Modern source control tools such as Github or Continuous Integration ones like CircleCI have helped a lot making them more accessible. Yet, it seems developers consider PRs mostly as something that you need get through to get your

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When Groovy, assert and threads gang together to fool you

At TransferWise, we use Kafka for our messaging needs, to communicate between our micro-services and with our legacy Grails monolith. A few days ago, I faced the strangest problem with the Kafka message processing in Grails. The code that consumes Kafka messages works in the following way: It fetches the

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Fun with BigDecimal

So you've got the idea for the next big FinTech company. Since this is about money, you decided to use a serious language, Java. And for representing your currency amounts, BigDecimal seemed like a safe choice. Now time for the small print... BigDecimal.equals() does what?? A big trap to

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Blameless postmortems

We don’t know yet how to build the perfect money transfer service, but one thing we know is how to screw up! What’s a screw up at TransferWise? There are plenty of variants. The most obvious one is introducing a bug in production that requires an emergency release.

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What’s left to do?

When a company already has a working product and many happy users, it’s usually difficult for outsiders to understand why they are hiring more people. What’s left to do? I often ask such a question to candidates during interviews, in a slightly provocative way to see how they

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