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Model in AngularJS

AngularJS is one of these frameworks that is deceptively simple at first sight but once you start developing more complex apps you discover that there are quite many questions that don't have a single obvious answer. I guess this can be said about any good framework as good framework leaves

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Standup as team health metric

I like standup meetings because they are such good indicators of how well people work together as a team. The standard format for standups is that everyone should be talking about what he did since last standup, what he is planning to do next and if he has any problems

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Boy Scout Rule is good but not enough

One widely used idea when dealing with legacy systems is the Boy Scout Rule. It offers good incremental strategy for improving your codebase. I find it to be very valuable guideline which is much more practical than creating separate refactoring stories/backlogs. However, I think that if we strictly follow

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TDD with AngularJS

In following post I want to show how one can use TDD approach to drive development from scratch with AngularJS. Although the basic idea of TDD is very simple then it has many variations e.g classical or mockist approach. I have long been in classical camp myself but recently

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