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Fun with BigDecimal

So you've got the idea for the next big FinTech company. Since this is about money, you decided to use a serious language, Java. And for representing your currency amounts, BigDecimal seemed like a safe choice. Now time for the small print... BigDecimal.equals() does what?? A big trap to

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Blameless postmortems

We don’t know yet how to build the perfect money transfer service, but one thing we know is how to screw up! What’s a screw up at TransferWise? There are plenty of variants. The most obvious one is introducing a bug in production that requires an emergency release.

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What’s left to do?

When a company already has a working product and many happy users, it’s usually difficult for outsiders to understand why they are hiring more people. What’s left to do? I often ask such a question to candidates during interviews, in a slightly provocative way to see how they

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DDT - Developer Driven Testing

There are no testers at TransferWise. Not a single-one. This deliberate choice has been made already a long time ago and I believe it's a key element of our engineering culture: Engineers own the quality of the product. You could actually say we have a lot of Quality Engineers (QE)

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Your value is not in your title

In a job, often, you pick two out of those three things: Interesting and challenging work Competitive compensation (like salary and various perks) Fancy job titles The fancy job title is a nice way to compensate for deficiencies in the other areas, especially in the "interesting work" one. And sadly

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